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..PIMP bones in my body..

Rock them body-hotty, rock them, like ladi-dadi

Ms. Heather is what you can call me!
6 May
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"whoeversaid progress was a slow process
wasn't talkin about me cause I'm a P.I.M.P.
Plus, I got the MAGIC STICK!"

Hey! I haven't used this journal in awhile so i thought i'd use it for a bit!! <3

..haha you know you love it baby..
loni [lonzo] & myself!

you can barely see me, but i like this pic. lol
lynz [lf420goddess] & me!


think you have what it takes?
come find out.
[ I'm one of the mod's here ]


Bein' happy don't mean everything is
perfect, it means you decided to look past
the imperfections!!

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